Improving College Access [1/16 - present]

I began working with students in the Buffalo Public Schools (BPS) during my freshman year. I volunteered twice a week at BPS #31, working with the Interdisceplenary Science and Engineering Partnership (ISEP) to build a Science Olympiad program and tutor high-needs students one-on-one. In my second year, I coordinated a partnership between Hutchinson Technical Public High school and the UB Honors College. Through this partnership, we have brought students to UB to learn about college applications and college life. We also go to the school weekly and tutor high-needs students - mostly non-native English speaking refugees - towards success on the Regents exams that decide graduation in New York. This year, I am working with the FAFSA Completion Project, which has increased FAFSA completion by more than 60% in the BPS, teaching students that they can afford to attend college. It was for this work in the Buffalo Public Schools that I earned the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Humanitarian Award from UB.


I am a singer, a violist, and a guitarist. At UB, I have been a member of The Enchords, UB's only co-ed a cappella group, for four years. I have led the group as the Music Director for two semesters, leading rehearsals, organizing performances, and running workshops in schools across New York. You can find out more about The Enchords, and watch some of our videos, here. I have been a member of the UB Symphony Orchestra for four years, and have led the viola section as principal viola for 5 semesters. I have played guitar in the UB Jazz Ensembles for 3 years.


I am an avid backpacker, trekker, and rock climber. These are some pictures from my most recent trip, backpacking through the French Alps.